Access Engineering outpaces challenging task of stabilising cut slopes at Nugagahapura, Kirulapone

Feb 28, 2017 – Access Engineering is making great strides in the stabilisation work of cut slopes at Nugagahapura below CMC land using soil nailing technology as an effective mitigation measure for landslide hazards.

Evaluating the hazard condition thriving at CMC land in Nugagahapura, Kirulapona and the susceptibility for the hillside to sleep upon the residential neighbourhood located at the foot of the hill, Colombo Municipal Council recently initiated a slope stabilisation work with the consultation of National Building Research Organisation.

The scope of this strenuous and challenging work includes erection of a temporary working platform, drilling of 125mm diameter soil nails through soil and rock, installation of galvanised 255mm diameter soil nails with centralisers, grouting of boreholes, fixing of galvanised surface plates and nuts to the nail top, drilling of 90mm diameter long drains and 50mm diameter short drains with geo-textile wrapping, shotcreting and pullout tests.

“Prediction of earth slips in this man-made slope is extremely difficult and challenging. Access Engineering with a high level of expertise in all aspects of ground engineering and slope stabilisation, a professional in-house site team and a purpose designed fleet of machinery operate successfully withstanding the numerous environmental obstacles to be faced at site. A special MT 100 Hydraulic soil nail drill machine is also deployed at site to carryout soil nailing operations on platforms with a 90% angle with winch and rope support,” said Senerath Bandara, Project Manager of Stabilisation of cut slopes at Nugagahapura below CMC land using soil nailing technique (Phase I).

This six months long operation which is in progress now at Nugagahapura, Kirulapone is scheduled to be completed by October.



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