Access Engineering Plc spurring construction of new road along the west bank of west Beira Lake, adj

Access Engineering

November 17, 2017 – The construction of a new road along the west bank of the west Beira Lake adjoining the former Army Headquarters, along Baladaksha Mawatha, Colombo 2, is in full swing as scheduled by Access Engineering Plc.

With the increasing number of vehicles entering the city of Colombo every day, traffic sometimes comes to a standstill during peak hours. Out of all the arterial roads driving traffic towards Colombo, the Colombo-Galle Road (A2) is reported to be one of the most congested roads which requires urgent attention.

With the completion of many hotel and condominium developments within the city, especially along the Colombo-Galle Road, the anticipated traffic volume will be doubled, bursting the city roads at their seams.

In order to ease out the anticipated complexities, the Colombo Municipality Council initiated the construction of a ring road from Colombo-Galle Road to Justice Akbar Mawatha, creating a direct pathway to access the upcoming hotels and condominium developments in and around Galle Face and along the Galle Road without disturbing the current flow of traffic.

The construction work is entrusted to Access Engineering Plc and the scope of the work includes the construction of a 1.15 km-long four-lane carriageway where the width of a single lane will be 3.3 metres.

The road is to be constructed along a 1.8-metre-wide foot path on the right side and a 0.75-metre-wide footpath on the left side and a 7-metre-wide two-lane connection road connecting to the Galle-Colombo Road.  “The removal of the army officer’s buildings and the clearance of the land for the pathway was quite challenging and several soft ground treatment methods were designed in order to address settlements in ground areas which were previously filled with demolished road debris,” said Priyantha Rathnayake, the project manager leading construction of a new road along the west bank of the West Beira Lake Project.



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