Diesel light tower that is quiet and smart


March 02, 2018 – Atlas Copco has launched what it claims is the quietest diesel-powered lighting tower on the market.

The Atlas Copco HiLight B5+ light tower throws out operating noise levels as low as 55 dBA.

The LED floodlights are capable of covering a 5000 sqm area at an average luminosity of 20 lux.

The mast also lowers automatically if it gets too windy. Atlas Copco’s SmartMast technology uses sensors that detect adverse environmental conditions, such as high winds, and automatically lower the mast when stability is compromised. It is also programmed to alert end users to potential obstacles and impacts. And it provides stability assistance during installation to ensure footings are flat and stable.

“This is the quietest diesel-powered light tower available on the market to date and represents a real game-changer in terms of noise emissions,” said Félix Gómez, spokesperson for light towers from the Atlas Copco Power & Flow division.

“With noise pollution in public spaces a growing concern, the HiLight B5+ is an ideal solution for contractors and local authorities who want to be considerate when operating near residential areas. It is also well-suited for use in outdoor events where organisers need to ensure the lighting equipment being used doesn’t interfere with the performance itself or enjoyment of viewers.”

Source:- http://www.theconstructionindex.co.uk/news/view/diesel-light-tower-that-is-quiet-and-smart


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