Access Engineering nearing completion of Vavuniya-Horowpathana road rehabilitation

Rehabilitation work of Vavuniya-Horowpathana Road Project is nearing completion Rehabilitation and improvement works of Vavuniya-Horowpathana road section (A 029) from 5 +000 Km to 16+000 km proceeds in full swing as scheduled by Access Engineering PLC.

Access Engineering PLC, keeping abreast of the national objective towards establishing normalcy in the conflict-afflicted areas in the Northern and Eastern Provinces through good road geometrics is rehabilitating 11km road section from Vavuniya (5+000km) towards Kebithigollewa (16+000km) of Vavuniya -Horowpathana (A029) road.

This section of the A029 road, which traverses across residential areas as well as Karunkalikulam forest reserve, was identified as an important road section to be rehabilitated in order to increase the transportation efficiency within the Kebithigollewa town and also between Kebithigollewa and Vavuniya.

Additionally, this road section being one of the main roads to connect Kandy-Jaffna (A009) and Puttalum-Anuradhapura-Trincomalee (A012) roads, it was proposed to be improved into a two-lane carriageway under the patronage of additional financing of the Asian Development Bank towards the Northern Road Connectivity Project.

Under the scope of this project, 3.1m carriageway is rehabilitated along with one-metre wide hard and soft shoulders across 11km long road section. The project also includes rehabilitation of road drainage infrastructure (27 culverts) and junction improvement work, which consists of rehabilitating 1km road section in Vayuniya township, 3.5m carriageway with 1.5m footpath on either side of the carriageway and adequate parking where necessary.

“In the working sections of the road, appropriate measures are taken to minimize the disturbances occurring to the roadside residents. Once completed in June 2016, the road will significantly reduce the travel time while gradually spurring industrial development along the corridor,” said Vavuniya-Horowpathana Road Rehabilitation Project Project Manager Sasanka Weerakoon.

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