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CML-MTD Construction Limited, a subsidiary of MTD Walkers PLC, has been awarded the contract to build over 900 affordable homes by the National Housing Development Authority.

The contract awarded includes the design and construction of residential housing units in Panadura, Ragama and Yakkala, which is set to commence on June 2016. The complex will comprise of two and three bedroom apartments along with all conveniences to facilitate modern living.

The project is a part of the commitment by the Government of Sri Lanka to initiate urbanization programs, which include infrastructure development projects to revitalize cities and create more urban space for Sri Lanka’s growing middle class population. One of the first steps taken has been the introduction of the Accelerated Program for Middle Income Housing and Infrastructure Development by the National Housing Development Authority under the guidance of Sajith Premadasa, Minister of Housing and Construction.

“This new development will help to meet a pressing need for affordable housing in Sri Lanka where home ownership and rental options have become unaffordable for many families. This new model will have a tremendous positive impact on our society allowing for a more productive workforce, resulting in a greater economic development,” said Nimal Perera, General Manager- Project Operations at CML-MTD Construction Limited.

“We are proud to be the chosen partners of this pioneering initiative by the National Housing Development Authority,” he adds hailing the efforts made by the Government of Sri Lanka to promote home ownership amongst middle income families”.

MTD Walkers PLC is a pioneer in the engineering and infrastructure industry with a well-established track record in multidisciplinary engineering activities both locally and overseas. In operation since 1854, it is the seventh oldest company in Sri Lanka and the “Walkers CML” brand has acquired an iconic presence associated with strength and stability.

Today, MTD Walkers PLC possess a robust portfolio of infrastructure related businesses including Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Pile Construction, Power Generation, Marine Engineering and Real Estate.

Access Engineering nearing completion of Vavuniya-Horowpathana road rehabilitation

Rehabilitation work of Vavuniya-Horowpathana Road Project is nearing completion Rehabilitation and improvement works of Vavuniya-Horowpathana road section (A 029) from 5 +000 Km to 16+000 km proceeds in full swing as scheduled by Access Engineering PLC.

Access Engineering PLC, keeping abreast of the national objective towards establishing normalcy in the conflict-afflicted areas in the Northern and Eastern Provinces through good road geometrics is rehabilitating 11km road section from Vavuniya (5+000km) towards Kebithigollewa (16+000km) of Vavuniya -Horowpathana (A029) road.

This section of the A029 road, which traverses across residential areas as well as Karunkalikulam forest reserve, was identified as an important road section to be rehabilitated in order to increase the transportation efficiency within the Kebithigollewa town and also between Kebithigollewa and Vavuniya.

Additionally, this road section being one of the main roads to connect Kandy-Jaffna (A009) and Puttalum-Anuradhapura-Trincomalee (A012) roads, it was proposed to be improved into a two-lane carriageway under the patronage of additional financing of the Asian Development Bank towards the Northern Road Connectivity Project.

Under the scope of this project, 3.1m carriageway is rehabilitated along with one-metre wide hard and soft shoulders across 11km long road section. The project also includes rehabilitation of road drainage infrastructure (27 culverts) and junction improvement work, which consists of rehabilitating 1km road section in Vayuniya township, 3.5m carriageway with 1.5m footpath on either side of the carriageway and adequate parking where necessary.

“In the working sections of the road, appropriate measures are taken to minimize the disturbances occurring to the roadside residents. Once completed in June 2016, the road will significantly reduce the travel time while gradually spurring industrial development along the corridor,” said Vavuniya-Horowpathana Road Rehabilitation Project Project Manager Sasanka Weerakoon.

Housing Project in Central and Uva Provinces

High Commission of India yesterday (June 10) signed agreements to award work to four agencies to implement the housing project in the Central and Uva Provinces of Sri Lanka.

The four Implementing Agencies (IAs) are: UN-HABITAT, International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in partnership with Sri Lanka Red Cross, National Housing Development Authority (NHDA) and Habitat for Humanity.

The project envisages construction of 4000 houses through an innovative community-driven model involving the Estate Workers Housing Cooperative Societies (EWHCS) and beneficiaries. The 4000 houses is a part of India’s commitment to construct 50,000 houses in Sri Lanka.

The signing ceremony was held in the presence of Mrs. Ranjini Nadarajapillai, Secretary, Ministry of Hill Country New Villages, Infrastructure & Community Development. Officials from the Ministry of Hill Country New Villages, Infrastructure & Community Development and Plantation Human Development Trust were also present.

LG solar systems

LG solar systems guaranteed to save on electricity, contribute to national grid, economy

Abans success in this field is attributed to their incomparable engineering strength and vast experience in various large-scale engineering projects, coupled with the high-efficiency of LG’s Neon2 Module Solar Panels. LG solar systems are guaranteed to save on your electricity bills, month after month for 25 years and more.

LG Neon2 Solar Panels are one of most efficient and technically advanced solar panels in the world, recording a high output by maximizing the power generation. The current energy crisis provides a very good reason for switching to solar energy conversion to electricity, with eco-friendly solar energy systems, while at the same time helping to preserve the earth’s fossil fuel resources.

Making the right choice, when selecting a photovoltaic solar system is the most important factor to ensure that your investment will give you trouble-free performance and recover the cost of system within the shortest period. LG Solar Systems carry a Linear Performance Warranty of 25 years. This gives customers absolute peace of mind for 25 years.

LG Solar Panels undergo both internal and third party testing above and beyond the minimum standards required for solar PV modules. All products undergo: electroluminescence (EL) testing to identify cracks and flaws invisible to the human eye, an extended reliability test that subjects panels to high levels of irradiation to simulate conditions that a panel would see over its lifetime, comprehensive durability testing in which panels undergo long-term monitoring in a variety of climates and extreme mechanical tests that assure the panels’ resilience against heavy loads, hail and other heavy impacts.

Additionally, the manufacturing environment in which LG panels are produced is virtually dust free–on par with those of highly sensitive semiconductor manufacturing facilities. This prevents imperfections that can cause inefficiencies and decrease efficiency down the line.

Every LG solar panel is flash tested to guarantee that it will produce power at their nameplate capacity or 3 percent greater when they are installed–many manufacturers’ panels have a positive/negative power tolerance of +/-3 percent. Panels with a positive power tolerance allow system owners to avoid disappointment due to unexpectedly low output

LG module frames are designed to reliably serve through module product and output warranties. Design features that enable them to do so include: Anodized aluminum frames designed to stay off external corrosion, ‘perfect’ water-draining design in frames prevents the accumulation of water inside parts of the panels over time and the associated corrosion that may result, frame bindings that use screws which lower the risk of physical distortion, and the ability to endure the heaviest loads that panels are likely to bear during their lifetimes.

Abans uses the world no 01 SMA Inverter from Germany. As a system technology specialist, SMA has been developing and distributing high-quality PV Inverters and innovative technology for intelligent energy management for over 30 years. Its technology and service solutions for all photovoltaic applications offer users more efficiency and independence in meeting their energy needs. With 98.8 percent efficiency SMA ensures optimum yields with minimized project risk. Abans Electricals PLC, a reputed, well established company, handles the installation of the solar panels islandwide. The company has decades of experience in the engineering field, qualified and factory trained engineers, supervisors and technicians, well equipped workshop facilities and high-quality installation material.

No sub-standard products are used – only genuine branded products. Abans Electricals PLC has won the accolades and praises of their customers for efficient, quick and courteous installation and service of solar panels. So, why risk your investment on a sub-standard, unbranded product for a short-term gain? A wise investment in LG Solar System will ensure that Abans will be with you for 25 years and more to service their warranty and give you absolute peace of mind.

Prime Lands Residencies delivers another 2 luxury housing complexes to owners

Prime Lands Residencies, the only company to complete seven luxury apartment projects within the last two years, true to the reputation it has built for itself over 20 years, delivered two more new luxury residential facilities to the respective owners recently. The two luxury housing projects, one in Nawala and the other in Battaramulla, are the first of a total of 11 such facilities to be

Fcompleted and handed over to their new owners in the course of this year. The other projects are to be handed over shortly in the following order: Ethul Kotte, Athurugiriya, Nugegoda, Kandy, Pagoda, Panadura, Pelawatte, a second complex in Nugegoda and Thalawathugoda. The company will also launch three more housing projects in the coming month: Bauddhaloka Mawatha Colombo 7, Edmonton Road and Jawatte Road in Colombo 5. In a competitive market where potential clients are promised much but are short-changed both on quality and delivery date, Prime Lands Residencies justifiably prides itself on the trust it has built for itself in the industry on these issues. The Nawala and Battaramulla residencies follow several recently completed luxury residential projects such as the complexes in the highly residential Colombo 7 locations, Barnes Place and Kynsey Road, as well as others on Castle Street and in Wattala. The Wattala scheme is an 83 unit apartment project which in fact fashioned a much-needed lifestyle change in the area. Prime Residencies Nawala Situated just 250 m from the main road, Prime Residencies Nawala draws the full value of the location, capturing splendid views of a fast developing area where there is a pronounced green element infused into the overall city planning exercise. All apartments have been designed in a way that a significant degree of natural light is captured. The common amenities include a large swimming pool, a fully equipped air conditioned gymnasium and a spacious roof terrace for residents are now ready for occupation. Battaramulla – Two ‘Prime Residencies Battaramulla – Two’ as the name suggests is the second such project completed by Prime Lands Residencies in Battaramulla. It is located just 300 m from the Battaramulla junction and is especially designed to give residents the full advantage of the beautifully landscaped areas surrounding the Parliament, especially the newly built jogging paths and other recreational areas. The elegantly designed roof terrace is ideal for private functions as well as for general relaxation. This complex also has an air-conditioned gymnasium. It is truly a unique residential experience in a fast developing area that has in recent times attracted the more affluent sections of the population as well as a considerable expatriate community. Speaking on the overall strategy of the company, Prime Lands Group Deputy Chairperson Sandamini Perera said, “We have a customer-focused policy that begins with the first query. We arrange loans and mortgage facilities from any of the leading banks, with our staff taking care of all the documentation and processing of the same. Moreover, our work doesn’t end with the handing over of the properties; the Prime Lands Residencies team works 24/7 with the corporate management team to make sure that our after sales service is impeccable.” Sandamini Perera also pointed out that the company’s team of architects, engineers and other professional consultants are always at hand to communicate with the clients, meet them and accompany them on inspections where all questions are answered honestly and accurately. “We want to deliver products with the latest modern features while meeting all industrial standards and in fact match the quality of reputed international real estate brands. This is why we have the most satisfied customers in the industry,” she added. Prime Lands Residencies takes pride in offering its esteemed customers with apartments those are 40%-50% appreciated in value than originally offered, presenting rich returns for the elated customers. This is a unique feature only the Prime Lands Residencies customers enjoy. That is why Prime Lands Residencies is county’s favourite when it comes to owning an apartment –