Inmark Eco Solutions introduces Nano Shield to Sri Lanka


January 25, 2018 – Director of Sketch Co. Ltd. in Japan, Takaseki Yoshihiro officially handing over the Nano Shield thermal insulation product to Himaco Holdings Managing Director Shamara Ariyasena during a ceremony held recently. The product, manufactured in Japan by Sketch Co. Ltd., was introduced to Sri Lanka by Inmark Eco Solutions Ltd. a member of Himaco Holdings, during a ceremony held at Water’s Edge in Battaramulla. (From left) J.D.R. Sylvester, Sanjeev Mohan, Himako Holdings Chairman Himal Ariyasena, Marakkandu Moorthy, Nilanthi Ariyasena, Ishara Ariyasena, Benuka Ariyasena also look on

Staying indoors to stay away from soaring heat can be always tricky when there is less protection from sunlight, ultraviolet (UV) and infrared rays (IRs). However, the perfect solution for that has already hit the Lankan market.

The revolutionary solution known as Nano Shield, which provides maximum protection from harmful radiations and heat, was introduced to Sri Lanka by Inmark Eco Solutions Ltd. a member of Himaco Holdings, during a ceremony held at Water’s Edge in Battaramulla on 19th of January.

Nano Shield, which is a thermal insulation liquid coating solution for glass windows, is a remarkable product manufactured in Japan, by Sketch Co. Ltd.

A window coated with Nano Shield blocks UV and IRs while maintaining visible light transmission. This intelligent energy efficient solution allows a glass window to receive maximum of natural light while reducing the heat that is penetrated through the glass.

Nano Shield blocks 99% of UV rays and 85% of IR rays while maintaining a 75% of visibility, making it the most suitable method of protection from Sun’s harmful effects.

In tropical Sri Lanka, where air conditioning can cost sky high, the reduction of heat intake through windows can translate into significant savings. Nano Shield considerably cut down heat penetration through windows, reducing the demand for air conditioning, saving energy costs by upto 30%.

It can be easily applied on uneven glass surfaces and is the perfect cost effective alternative to window films. Once applied, this eco friendly solution lasts for 15 years.

This technologically developed Nano Shield solution is eco-friendly unlike the traditional window films made of plastic and polythene. It’s always a company’s duty to be socially responsible and Nano Shield helps in every aspect of CSR of it to achieve in that aspect. Also there is no environmental pollution that arises after application of the solution.

Sketch Co. Ltd, the manufacturers of this eco-friendly solution has the trusted presence in more than 30 countries around the world. The sole distributor and exclusive right holder for Nano Shield in Sri Lanka, Inmark Eco Solutions Ltd. can be the life-changer for those who are striving to create a much comfortable work and living environment.

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