Installation of lifts for multi-storeyed buildings

Mar 09, 2017 – Most of the multi-storeyed buildings (apartments/flats in Maligawatte, Armour Street, Maradana, Bambalapitiya, Princess Gate and several other flats) constructed in the past do not have the lift facility.

Most of these have been constructed long ago without any provisions for lifts when people were very healthy. Nowadays almost all the people not excluding the young ones are suffering from all sorts of aches and pains – hip ache, knee pain, spine ache, neck pain and whatnot! This makes it extremely difficult causing lot of inconvenience to both the inhabitants and the visitors when they have to climb the flight of steps.

Why not the Ministry of Housing and Construction or the National Housing Development Authority in conjunction with the respective Condominium Management Authority in charge of these flats install lifts, the maintenance cost of these could be charged monthly to the occupants?

Here is some potential for suppliers of lifts/elevators to generate some new business for them and at the same time facilitate easy access to higher floors especially to Level 3 or 4 and above. This will facilitate even the disabled people as well to occupy/visit these multi-storeyed buildings.



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