K.A. Piyasena and Sons introduces to Sri Lanka series of 100% environmental friendly doors

June 01, 2017 – K.A. Piyasena and Sons has introduced to the Sri Lankan market a whole range of 100% environmental friendly door-jambs and door models, manufactured in Malaysia. These door-jambs and doors are fully galvanised. Now, the opportunity has dawned on you, to obtain these door-jambs and doors, under the brand-name ‘V Dreams Luxury Door’.

This series of productions is now being presented to the Sri Lankan market for the first time. This range has fully and comprehensively recognised the requirements of myriads of customers, who make an effort to realise the ‘home sweet home’ dream, at a moderate cost. This solution provides them valued assistance to make their dreams come true. In addition, the organisation presents this series as an environmental friendly solution to their consumer needs. K.A. Piyasena and Sons Managing Director Madhushanka Kananke has this to say: “At a time, when Sri Lanka’s forest cover is dwindling fast, this range of ‘V Dreams Luxury Door’ models, is being introduced by K.A. Piyasena and Sons. This 100% environmental friendly range ensures the proper protection of the future generations and of the total ecological system.” Continuing Kanake stated: “The day, when the total, global environmental system will end up in chaos, is not that far away, due, sadly to the daily destruction of the forest-cover, everywhere in the world. After such a human and global disaster has occurred, there is not much use in lamenting about it. This range of products can be introduced as an excellent solution to counter the serious price-escalation of wood and timber, all over the world, on a daily basis. In addition, this series of models, ‘V Dreams Luxury Door-Jambs and Doors’ has won the confidence of the consumers, for their sophistication and also for their durability.”

The special quality of this series of ‘V Dreams Luxury Door Models’, is that these products have a 100% wood-finish appearance. It is this exceptional quality that enables this ‘V Dreams Luxury Door range’ to rise above all other products of this category in the market. These products are totally bereft of insect damage. No special permit is needed for the transport of these products. These brands, withstand the sun and the rain marvellously. There is no danger of their shrinking with the passage of time. You can fully save, both the time and the money, you would have had to spend, if you got them constructed and had them painted by yourself.

When you get together with, ‘V Dreams Luxury Door’ system, you can directly contribute to the glorious and the virtuous act of donating our natural beauty and our attractive forests, to our future generations. For further details please email piyasenahw@gmail.com or access FB page K.A. Piyasena and Sons Ltd.

Source:- http://www.ft.lk/article/619022/K-A–Piyasena-and-Sons-introduces-to-Sri-Lanka-series-of-100–environmental-friendly-doors


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