The latest Generation of Excavator Tuning: Kiesel Lift Star

Aug 4, 2016 – The Kiesel Lift Star (KLS) combines a basic machine in three different tonnage classes ranging from 30 to 50 tonnes with either a mono-block or a multi-use boom. The result: up to 50 percent more lift power and pulling force compared to other machines of the same tonnage. The Kiesel technology and development company K-TEG has developed this system solution to deliver lift power for civil engineering and canal construction.

As a basic machine, Kiesel uses a hydraulic excavator with 30 to 50 tonnes operating weight. This special solution provides a genuine added value: the Kiesel Lift Star (KLS) reaches the lift force range of machines, which are usually one or two sizes bigger. Compared to them, however, the purchase price of a KLS is much lower – as are the operating costs with regard to fuel consumption and transportation.

Kiesel Tritec System: the Core of the Kiesel Lift Star

At the core of the Kiesel Lift Stars sits the patented Tritec System developed by Kiesel.
The highlight of the system: a third lifting cylinder at the machine’s boom, supporting the two standard cylinders. Depending on the workload, it is switched on or off automatically by the Quattro Speed Block – or it can be operated manually by a pre-selection key. This technology increases the lifting power of a machine up to 50 percent. Even heavy concrete elements can be lifted and moved over the full vertical reach. The KLS350 model can lift up to 16 tonnes and is used for canal construction and trench shoring. With this machine, every construction company is well equipped and does not have to hire a crane.

Two Options for even more operational Safety

Especially when moving heavy loads, stability is crucial factor. An optional hydraulically adjustable undercarriage allows widening the tracks if necessary and thus, considerably increases the hoisting capacity as well as the stability. Even when moving over ditches, trenches and canals, the operator can rely on more operational safety.
Kiesel also offers a counterweight for the Kiesel Lift Star, further increasing the safety for the machine’s user. Consequently, the transport weight of the machine can be immensely reduced, allowing the transportation of the KLS350 with a 4-axle low loader and at minimal transport costs.
This Kiesel Lift Star is more than just an excavator, thanks to all its technological highlights and thus, has an extended field of application. Construction companies are capable of increasing their chances with regard to tenders and can extend their service spectrum.





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