Prestigious interior solutions under one roof at Fine Furniture

June 01, 2017 – Fine Furniture Ltd. is on the cusp of opening its refurbished three storey showroom showcasing a portfolio of European interior brands to fulfil your home’s interior requirements. Chief Executive Officer Martin Klement states that the occasion is the realisation of the need in the Sri Lankan consumer market for a one stop solution provider for all interior solution maintaining quality and standards in keeping with the global trends.

Initially commenced in 2013 as a venture that offered German based Häcker kitchen products to discerning customers, along with complimenting Miele or Bosch kitchen appliances, Fine Furniture has expanded its products portfolio in the past four years. Klement stated that the company’s decision to expand the portfolio came into being largely due to the positive feedback of the customers and the unavailability of products that catered to the premium, upper market segment of the customer.

Having assessed the situation of the market, its development potential, Fine Furniture therefore ventured beyond kitchen solutions and appliances to provide complete interior solutions. “We have a very strong passion to do what we are doing,” commented Klement, on expressing the company’s vision of becoming a one-stop solution provider in the industry. In addition to Häcker kitchen germanMade, Miele and Bosch, the company is affiliated with a range of internationally reputed brands including Loddenkemper, Koinor and Pacific Green which further presents the Sri Lankan market with a variety of products to fulfil their liking.

Häcker SMART is one such brand, which is developed with the collaboration between Häcker kitchen germanMade and Fine Furniture that functions as a price conscious solution for the mid-income segment, offering 12 different orientations of kitchens with a limited range of customisation possible.

The new showroom will offer the existing products as well as several innovative products across several new brands including German manufactured Femira sleeping systems and mattresses; Masterlights from Netherlands catering to light ambience; Danish brand Bovictus which caters to home decor products; and Eurographics wall decorations focusing on images.

The company is also venturing into children’s furniture with a Danish brand, Flexa whose focus rests on furniture that can grow with the child. Therefore with one solution, the customer can adjust and convert the product to serve the user through the years of his growth. The company has been recognised for its dedication to safety both locally within the European countries and internationally.

“When we search for a new partner in a specific home segment, we look into the history of the company, their achievements, experience, the manufacturing process, that they use sustainable wood,” said Klement, regarding the management of consistent quality across the portfolio. “The second most important factor is that our manufacturer meets a certain standards to assure that the products are suitable for the tropical climate. Our products are 100% tropicalised. The rest is innovation, performance and functionality,” he commented. With a focus on quality and durability, the company has been a supplier for apartment complexes. With a strong presence in the segment, the company is a supplier of hacker kitchens, Loddenkemper wardrobes, etc in the real estate market.

With the opening of the new showroom from 3 June, the company is moving towards realising its visions. In terms the future, Klement stated that the company will be evaluating the market and its developments and is likely to expand further. “If everything goes well, we will expand to serve the market with price competitive, innovative products in the near future,” he commented.

He also commented on the interior development in the local market, sharing his observations. He touched on the potential for the modern, innovative designs to improve. He also stated that the industry should take into consideration the use of sustainable wood. “It’s very important to think about your resources,” he said, encouraging designers to focus on modern, futuristic lines. “Functional performance is very important,” he said.

“We are open for the public on 3 June Monday to Sunday,” he concluded, inviting the public to visit the showroom and get inspired. The showroom offers 15,000 square feet of space offering total solutions for your space.



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