Sure green eradicator by Suren Cooke Agencies

Mar 10, 2017 – A common menace which has affected the peaceful day to day life of many nowadays, Bed Bugs are extremely troublesome and are very difficult to eradicate, once a serious infestation sets in.

Bed bugs are normally active at night and cause red spots on the body which are often mistaken for mosquitoes or other insect bites. They like to nest in crevices and hollows in beds and sofas, clothing and upholstery, in the immediate vicinity of a host they can feed on, so eliminating them would restore peace in mind.

Getting rid of them requires elimination of the adult insects, larval stages and the eggs. Suren Cooke Agencies, a pioneer in the pest management industry and famous for utilising the latest and most innovative pest control solutions, has the answer to this.

It’s called the ‘Sure Green Eradicator’. This unique technique was introduced to Sri Lanka a few months ago. The method has already made vast strides against the bed bug issue and restored serenity against the common enemy of many, within such a short period of time.

Getting rid of a bed bug infestation at your home or business premises has never been easier thanks to the help of the ‘Sure Green Eradicator,’ which relies on heat to eliminate bed bugs, instantly. Its unique effectiveness has yielded positive results with very low environmental impacts.

Suren Cooke Agencies, a renowned organisation established as a pioneer in the pest management industry, boasts of over three decades of expertise and are effectively equipped to provide the best pest control services in Sri Lanka.

In addition to the Sure Green Eradicator, Suren Cooke Agencies has offered a wide array of services to control harmful pests in any environment, effectively improving quality of life, using safe and distinctive methods without any harm to the environment or society.

Operating in Sri Lanka as well as enjoying an international presence in Maldives, Suren Cooke Agencies is known to be a source of reliance, due to continuous commitment in adhering to occupational health and safety standards.

The company is also distinguished in the industry for representing globally renowned manufactures of chemicals and equipment.



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