Tesvolt builds new gigafactory for battery storage systems in Germany


May 08, 2019 – German energy storage systems developer Tesvolt has started construction on a new gigafactory for battery storage systems with an annual capacity of 1GWh in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany.

The new gigafactory is being built with multimillion Euro investment without any outside funding and the European Union has extended to provide 10% finance for the production line costs.

The first phase of the facility will include 12,000m2 and is expected to be completed in June.


Upon completion of the final phase, the facility will have 20,000m2 of area with a production capacity of more than 1GWh. The new facility will also be able to employ between 100 and 120 people.

Tesvolt co-founder Daniel Hannemann said: “The world market for stationary energy storage systems has already reached a total capacity of 16 GWh. Europeans are calling for an end to harmful coal-fired power plants and diesel scandals. They want a future free of environmental disasters.

“We want the gigafactory to be our contribution to reaching this goal, making clean and affordable energy possible anywhere in the world.”

Tesvolt said that it will deploy teamtechnik’s semi-automated production line at the new gigafactory. teamtechnik is a mechanical engineering company known for supplying automobile manufacturers with production and testing lines.

With support from teamtechnik, Tesvolt expects efficient and safe serial production of battery storage systems. The systems installed at the new facility will make sure that every battery module will be automatically tested for full functionality, and data from each process step will be recorded for retracing capability.

The gigafactory is also designed to be a fully carbon-neutral facility, which will be powered by 200kW solar installation, which will power the office and operational needs at the facility.

Tesvolt will also use new high-temperature heating pump technology and a natural refrigerant so that the facility’s heating system will also run on solar power.

Last year, the company introduced an agile organization structure, which means that there are no hierarchies. Any and all decisions are taken as a team.

Tesvolt co-founder Simon Schandert said: “Our new office layout reflects this — a generous, open floorplan complemented with many collaboration spaces and quiet zones. We want everyone to feel comfortable here. For us, that is work 2.0.

“We don’t want to mindlessly process; we want to create innovative solutions. The agile organization makes us more efficient, enabling us to better respond to the rapidly changing battery market.”

Source:= http://www.worldconstructionnetwork.com/news/tesvolt-builds-new-gigafactory-for-battery-storage-systems-in-germany/


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