JAT’s ‘Master Plaster’ eliminates sand usage, boosts construction industry to innovative excellence

Jan 17, 2017 – JAT Holdings, Sri Lanka’s undisputed leader in the furnishing and finishing industry has revolutionised Sri Lanka’s construction arena with its ‘Master Plaster’ all-in-one-solution, thereby totally eliminating the usage of sand in plastering. Thus besides being a unique product, and supremely cost effective, it also ensures the conservation of scarce natural resources such as sand.

“In keeping with JAT’s ‘Green Policy’, ‘Master Plaster’ respects the boundaries set by global environmental protection regulations which frown upon the excavation, transportation and usage of river sand in the building industry. Sand mining has immense long-term negative effects on the environment. With the introduction of Master Plaster, we eliminate this issue and offer an easier, cheaper and environmentally friendly product,” said JAT Holdings Managing Director Aelian Gunawardene.

The conventional manner of constructing walls is to use bricks or blocks and finish with coats of plaster done through a process of sand-cement plastering using POP/putty pruning. Now, with a single, direct coat application of ‘Master Plaster’, this costly and archaic two process method of plastering has been eliminated, affording optimum, cost effective results.

The unique advantage of ‘Master Plaster’ is that it can easily be applied directly on all internal walls (brick, block or concrete) without the aid of sand-cement plaster and application of wall putty and sanding. With the additional advantage of containing 20 square feet of coverage ensuring a thickness of 12mm in each 25kg bag, it guarantees great value for money.

“As the leader in Sri Lanka’s furnishing and finishing industry, we’re very happy to introduce this revolutionary product which will dramatically change the face of the industry. This is a high performance, cost effective and environmentally friendly product which offers new possibilities and takes the concept of plastering to the next level and thus to international standards. I have no doubt that this product will be accepted by thousands of masons across Sri Lanka and help them in their daily operations,” Gunawardene added.

Its quality which confirms a fineness of 250 mesh and a level of purity of over 96%, makes it the ultimate product in ensuring the best atomic bonding and an absolute mirror finish with perfectly lined and levelled smooth walls. ‘Master Plaster’ can be applied in a single day and even painted within three days. The sand-cement plaster method requires a minimum of 8-10 days for water curing whereas Master Plaster is instant; thus saving both time and money.

The revolutionary cutting edge technology of ‘Master Plaster’ guarantees a staggering 70% saving in both time and cost by incorporating user-friendly innovation. Its ready-mix configuration helps the simplest of masons to achieve the most professional of outcomes compared to the trial-by-error means adopted by traditional methods. The elastic properties of ‘Master Plaster’ certify the complete elimination of hairline cracks which inevitably result from the sand-cement plastering method.

Yet another of the merits ‘Master Plaster’ boasts is its light weight properties when compared to sand cement, hence reducing the dead load on structures. In keeping with JAT’s Occupational Health and Safety safeguards, the fire-retardant composition of ‘Master Plaster’ makes it non-combustible thereby significantly reducing the risk of a loss of lives and property through accidental fire. Furthermore, its low thermal conductivity guarantees energy conservation resulting in lower utility bills.

‘Master Plaster’ allows an easy, dust free application process that is both cost and time effective and a health-conscious alternative. A lab tested, factory made product, it is of superlative quality unlike the attributes of sand used traditionally which is full of impurities and other components which are difficult to monitor and control.

It is no wonder then that JAT Holdings has grown from strength to strength over the years, and boasts an impressive portfolio of products across a wide range of leading international brands including Sayerlack wood coatings of Italy, Herman Miller office solutions of US, Crown and Permoglaze decorative interior and exterior wall paints of UK, Borma Wachs maintenance range of Italy, Norton Abrasives (Saint Gobain) of France and Brush Master Paint brushes. JAT has successfully expanded its presence internationally across a host of countries such as India, Bangladesh, Maldives and the Seychelles.  – See more at: http://www.ft.lk/article/591765/JAT-s–Master-Plaster–eliminates-sand-usage–boosts-construction-industry-to-innovative-excellence#sthash.ArC4xbdE.dpuf



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