Oliver Impex launches ‘Vijaya Cement’ for booming construction industry

Oliver Impex

Jan 30, 2017 – Oliver Impex Ltd., a private limited liability company registered under Number 07 of the 2007 Company’s Act, and founded on 1 November 2016, has launched the latest brand of cement to the highly lucrative and booming construction market in Sri Lanka. It also marks a special day for India and Sri Lanka as this venture is a collaboration between the two countries.

The Chief Guest at the event was State Minister of National Integration and Reconciliation A.H.M. Fowzie. It was also attended by key stakeholders from the construction industry and distributors from around the island.

Oliver Impex Ltd. Director Mohamed Saly Mohamed Faris stated, “Our main aim is not to compete, but to fill the vacuum which currently exists in the market.”

At the product launch, the website of Oliver Impex Ltd. was also launched by Indian High Commission of Sri Lanka First Secretary (Economics and Commercial) Ramesh Babu.

Oliver Impex which is a diversified importer of commodities decided to venture in to the import of cement owing to the drastic increase in demand for this building material over the last few years. In order to facilitate the new venture, Oliver Impex will have its own warehousing, transportation and distribution network to make this product competitive in the market. The company would also make available warehousing solutions in the distributor’s premises as well.

Cement sales went up with strong demand from Sri Lanka’s private and household sector.

Owing to the needs of the construction industry, the Government of Sri Lanka has also put together special policies that are geared to the development of the nation. The construction industry is a major contributor to the national economy and a major driver of employment creation. The development of the construction industry will create a multiplier effect in the national development process.

The latest brand of cement entering the industry will be marketed under the name ‘Vijaya Cement’ which is a high quality product which is SLS 107 certified and with strength class of 42.5 N.

The company responsible for manufacturing the cement was founded in 1935 by Jaidayal Dalmia, while the cement division of Dalmia Cement Bharat Ltd. India (DCBL) was established in 1939 and enjoys a heritage of over 75 years of expertise and experience.

DCBL cement plants in India have grown manifolds in terms of capacity; and are also acquiring some new plants to increase the volume and expand further. DCBL is a multi spectrum Cement player with double digit market share and a pioneer in super specialty cements used for oil wells, railway sleepers and air strips.

In 1993, DCBL became the first company in South India to obtain ISO 9002 certification and second in the country among the Indian cement plants. In 2004, they became an ISO 14001 Certified company.

Dalmia Cement Bharat Ltd. is partnering with Oliver Impex to make available their finer product island wide in the Sri Lankan market under their own brand name: Vijaya Cement – ‘Cement Your Future’.

Source:- http://www.ft.lk/article/594559/Oliver-Impex-launches–Vijaya-Cement–for-booming-construction-industry



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